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In the age of the “#metoo movement” What if Works’ latest “Flying Solo” production explores the fatal consequences of infatuation with a solo performance work written and performed by Pia Viciosa-Vila, “Geli and Uncle Alf”. Vicioso-Vila:s play examines the relationship between Angelika “Geli” Raubal and Adolf Hitler. Little is known about Hitler’s first niece yet Vicioso-Vila weaves a compelling portrait of a young girl impulsively drawn to one of history’s most reviled man. As Hitler’s true love prior to the appearance of Eva Braun the question must be raised; how might history have been rewritten had his relationship with Geli Raubel not been derailed? The gradual loss of innocence experienced by Geli Raubal presents a chilling reminder that, unless we remain vigilant to our emotions, we can all be susceptible to the destructive power of another.


Together with the Migrant Farm Workers Association of Florida and the Seminole Theatre, Homestead, What if Works was able to produce one of its most significant production; “The Gospel of Mark”. Adapted and performed by Chris Coppolo the production raised aid for beleaguered migrant farm workers of South Dade County following Hurricane Irma. “The Gospel of Mark” allowed its audience to reevaluate its responsibility to society in an age of division and unrest. Through the power of a liturgical bio-drama audiences were given the opportunity to engage in a uniquely spiritual form of theatre.

FLYING SOLO 2: “Just Eartha”, “Manicomio” & “Warmth of the Sun”

Sponsored by the Homestead Center for the Arts and presented at the Seminole Theatre in 2016 this second “Flying Solo” series comprised three short works based on the lives of singer Eartha Kit, playwright Luigi Pirandello and Beach Boys member Brian Williams. Written and performed respectively by Juanita Olivio, Allyn Morion and Erik Rodriguez. First conceived as final projects at Florida International University, What if Works have given these three post-graduate actors the opportunity to share their unique work with the community.

FLYING SOLO 1: “Rhythm of Beauty”, “A Detail of Frida” and “La Guarachera de Cuba”

With the support of the Homestead Center for the Arts and the Miami-Dade County Public Library System, What if Works inaugurated its first “Flying Solo” program presenting actor-authors Juanita Castro, Amanda Quintero and Lisset Riera exploring the lives of Colombian pop singer, Katiushka Mendoza, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz.

Flying Solo was officially inaugurated in 2015. Through an ongoing series of original solo bio-dramas What if Works has focused its attention on the importance of community libraries through creating a “living library”.


Under the guidance of What if Works, actors of all ages and experience are invited to research, write and perform their own 30-minute solo performance work based on a real-life person. What if Works offers these performances to libraries in their “try-out” stage before moving to alternative theatre venues. Through its “Flying Solo” initiative What if Works remains committed to continuing its objective of using theatre and film to bring about social change.


If you are an actor or a playwright with an interest in developing a solo bio-drama do not hesitate to contact What if Works at 305-271-1073 or


This solo performance piece, written and performed by Meshaun LeBron delivered a raw and intimate look inside the mind of a poetically-driven and often controversial rap legend during his period of solitary confinement. Using Shakespeare’s influence on the songwriter this explosive one-man performance depicted the rapper as a modern-day Richard III bringing to life on stage a truly unique physical metaphor of the man and his music. “The Right to Remain…Tupac Shakur” has performed in Miami and in the UK at Solent Southampton University and Tara Theatre, London. In 2012 WIW presented the play at Washington DC’s Capital Fringe Festival.


“Flying Solo with Artist X: ethics, advocate-art & performance” set out to pose the question,
“What is art? What is the meaning? How effective is art in directing of social change?” Is an artist, by default, responsible for bringing about such change to society?” Without a doubt art is a means for triggering thought and conversation but should it also inspire us to action? Such critical questions lay at the center of “Flying Solo with Artist X”. Miami Dade County’s Resident Artist, Xavier Cortada is one of many artists leveling the social; and environmental playing field through his innovative approaches to participatory art. By examining Cortada’s use of art, science, philosophy and social consciousness, “Flying Solo with Artist X” was able to bring together the foundational elements that create theatre as a living experience, leaving audiences with an increased awareness toward social and environmental issues - to become a more active member in their village.

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