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King Lear - High Schools Tour 2022

Gablestage & What if Works

March - April 2022

Once again WIW has partnered with Miami’s award winning theatre, GableStage by staging the 2022 Miami Dade County schools Shakespeare tour “King Lear”. Taking an alternative approach to a play that continues to resonate throughout the ages, the production examines the world of a slick yet power-hungry autocrat, disarmed and humbled by the pain of eviction as Lear, “King of Real Estate”, is stripped of his wealth and dignity by two avenging daughters. Homeless and adrift in an unforgiving, urban wasteland Lear slowly recognizes the true value of humanity and, by extension a capacity for compassion. The tragedy? Lear learns his lesson far too late to secure for himself spiritual redemption.

Venue: Various Miami-Dade County & Broward high schools

Admission: Free