WiW & Gablestage presents:

Zoomworks - A Midsummer Nights Dream

Spring 2021

Confronted by the challenges of playmaking in the age of COVID 19 What if Works offers a highly spirited and innovative approach to “touring” schools in the spring of 2021 with its Zoom Works production of one of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays.


Set in contemporary Miami the play follows four lovers as they flee the city, each pursuing his or her object of desire. Confusion and mistaken identities abound within the tangled undergrowth of a mangrove forest. Spirits of Tequesta Indians weave spells to both confound and resolve the lover’s plight. The Hard Hat Players, a group of “rude mechanicals”, workmen from a local construction site, rehearse their play for the pleasure of the State Governor.


As with previous school tours, a comprehensive study guide containing essay themes, exercises, and discussion topics will be distributed to teachers and students. While the dramatic scenes are recorded four cast members will appear “live” in each session, providing dramaturgical interventions during the action and conducting a talkback with the students following the performance.


Shakespeare Zoom2.png

To all members of the Miami-Dade community


As we look around us in the age of Shelter-in-Place we need, more than ever, to send special care packages to some of the most vulnerable amongst us.


The Department of Theater invites members of the Miami-Dade community together with FIU faculty, students, staff, alumni to participate in “60 Second Somethings for Seniors”, a series of programs featuring 60-second, self-taped presentations to be distributed to Independent and Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes and VA Hospitals throughout Miami-Dade County and all members of the community are invited to participate!


Trained or untrained we welcome all forms of talent from juggling, singing, poetry, art, magic tricks, sports, drama, music, comedy, photography, dance, reading and writing. Your story as an architect, your experience as a security guard, as a bank teller or even as a Provost or President will elevate this digitally diverse variety show! 


No awards, no prizes, just the enormous satisfaction of sharing something about yourself and your work or pastime with seniors, often situated four to a room with only their meals, meds and TV monitors to keep them engaged. Vocal presentations will be subtitled in English and Spanish and signed by ASL interpreters. 


Passion and purpose join forces with one objective: to create stimulus packages filled with joy and cultural nourishment for our seniors who, with steadfast resilience, are riding out the isolation that comes with COVID 19.


To submit a “60 second something” together with a taped self-introduction about please email Phillip M Church at       60secondsomethings@gmail.com and thank you for joining our FIU stimulus-care-package-project for seniors!


60 SECOND SOMETHING Flyer April 6 2020 c