The one-woman show “Geli and Uncle Alf” explores the little known relationship between Adolf 'Alf' Hitler and Angelika ‘Geli’ Raubal, his first niece and one true love. Slowly drawn into a tender obsession with her uncle, Geli, a spirited freedom-loving young woman, finds herself confronted with a dependency from which she is unable to detach.

“Geli and Uncle Alf” is divided into several “chapters” interweaving stories of freedom, innocence, and love. Slowly drawn by a tender obsession, Angelika "Geli" Raubal finds herself confronted with a toxic dependency towards Adolf Hitler. The question will remain – might tragic consequence of history have been re-written had this relationship not derailed. Sadly, history will never know.

The Story of Geli is one that is very relevant today. Geli was a young girl, who was caught up in a toxic relationship and became victim to sexual violence. This is a common life lived too often in our society. What makes her story so unique is its further amplification by her relationship with the infamous Adolf Hitler.

Geli and Uncle Alf

Written by: Pia Vicioso Vila

Directed by: Phillip M. Church

Produced by: What if Works

Live Performances:

Theatre Row - New York City

410 W 42nd St, NY 10036

September 25th, 2019



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