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Goodnight Moon - short film

Festival Run 2023-2024

"Goodnight Moon" by Margret Wise Brown is synonymous with children’s literature. Since its publication in 1947, "Goodnight Moon" has introduced young children to the wonders of reading, and by 2017 it had cumulatively sold an estimated 48 million copies.


This short film is a live-action dramatic curation of the original children's book. While presenting unique visual elements and an adapted narrative to the story, this film keeps faithful to the words written over 75 years ago.


Festival Showings TBA

The Placemaker-Poet

Inspired by the acclaimed biography “George E. Merrick: Son of the Southwind” by Arva Moore Parks What if Works, in association with Homestead Center for the Arts, Coral Gables Department of Historical Resources and Cultural Arts, the Coral Gables Museum, the Merrick House Museum and Roxy Theatre Group presents “The Placemaker-Poet”, a “dramatic curation” written and directed by Phillip M. Church exploring the life and legacy of Coral Gables’ visionary developer, George E. Merrick.



Seminole Theatre                                                     Coral Gables Museum
Date: September 23rd                                  Date: September 26th & 27th
Time: 2:00pm & 8:00pm.                                                      Time: 8:00pm

Westchester Cultural Arts Center
Date: October 18th
Time: 8:00pm


$15 General admission
$10 Seniors, students & vets.
Please provide ID at the venue.

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